1x per year maintenance

Basic Service subscription features:

  • maintenance service once a year in accordance with the manufacturer's maintenance system and the new gas boiler laws and regulations
  • inspect peripheral equipment and flue gas discharge
  • topping up the installation if necessary
  • check on hot water level per minute where applicable
  • no call-out costs in case of malfunction*
  • fault report same-day assistance until 10 pm, also on weekends
  • costs for labour and materials will be charged in the event of malfunctions

*Faults outside the contract:

  • defective fuse or main switch
  • thermostat batteries or wrong setting
  • low water levels in the installation
  • malfunction caused by work on the installation
  • failure to carry out repairs deemed necessary by us



The rates have changed as of January 1, 2022.
 If the tax authorities implement a VAT increase, this will automatically be added to the price


Monthly direct debit

Annual amount

Service contract up to 45kw

€ 8.29

€ 99.50

Central heating/geyser/boiler

€ 12.93

€ 155.11

Mechanical ventilation

€ 6.75

€ 81.00

Mechanical ventilation + central heating appliance

€ 12.79

€ 153.49


€ 6.98

€ 83.71

HRV unit. excluding filter

€ 9.68

€ 116.10

cleaning heat recovery channels***

€ 20,00

€ 356.95

gas fireplace

€ 8.29

€ 99.50

** Only possible in combination with other subscriptions.
*** We advise to have this carried out once every 5 years.

The above rate is for 1 toilet, 1 bathroom, 1 living room and the bedrooms. If the house is larger than

200m2, the price will be provided separately.

Explanation monthly direct debit
If customers take out a monthly direct debit, we will collect this in monthly instalments. This applies to the basic subscription and the plus subscription.

Customers can also choose to take out the basic subscription with us and any new work will have to be paid in full after we have carried out the work. For the follow-up maintenance, it is only necessary to pay for the maintenance and any material costs. In the event of malfunctions, we do not charge any costs upfront, only the costs for parts and labour. This only applies to the central heating boiler, geyser or device that has a maintenance contract.


For other malfunctions such as leakage, blockages, power problems, gas leaks, etc. the contractors do pay call-out costs, labour/assembly costs and material costs.

The customer is guaranteed that we will come.

Full-service contracts must issue an annual or monthly direct debit.

New customers

For new customers with a device that is not serviced by us, we will first carry out the repair and then carry out the maintenance. If the technician takes more than 45 minutes to do this, you will be charged for the additional time.

If the device is not serviced by us, you will need to pay call-out costs, labour and the costs for any parts and the service (in busy periods we will make a follow-up appointment for this).

After this, you can switch to a basic subscription.



Membership fee

€ 37.51

Call-out charge

€ 78.65

Restorative maintenance

€ 99.50

Automatic payment per 1st of the month

€ 8.29

 All our amounts include 21% VAT and rates apply up to 45 kW.
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